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Want to Know If Your Lawyer Is Good? Check These Two Things First!

Every lawyer is going to tell you they are the best. They may even believe it. Every lawyer’s site is designed to make them look like the best lawyer who has ever practiced law in your area. And that’s only if they’re being humble. A personal injury lawyer can only successfully practice law if they are able to attract clients, so it makes sense that they really sell themselves. While this is understandable, it can make it hard for you to see through the marketing to find a lawyer who can really help you.

There are obvious ways to choose a lawyer. Start by picking a lawyer that actually has experience with your kind of case. However, unless your case is particularly unusual or you live in a particularly rural area, that won’t do much to diminish your options. Having a lot of options is usually great in life, but when you’re in pain and dealing with medical bills, you don’t want to spend months figuring out who has the best legal services on offer in your area. So, just ask yourself these two questions about all your potential lawyers, and you’ll be able to trim your list down far more.

Does your lawyer show client reviews?

This is perhaps the best way to judge a lawyer before you even meet them. If a lawyer has been successful, they won’t hide what their former clients had to say about them. Instead, they’ll flaunt it. Look at Glover Law Firm. Right up front, on the front page, you see a list of client reviews. That tells you more than anything. And the opposite is also true. If there are no client reviews on the site, you don’t have to avoid the law firm, but if they are reticent to provide many reviews when you call and ask, you know they don’t have a lot of good reviews to give.

Does your lawyer charge fees upfront?

The standard way for a personal injury lawyer to earn their living is by taking a percentage of the settlement after they win, and charging nothing until then. The system is designed that way so that people who have been injured but who lack a lot of funds can still pursue a case and get compensation for their injuries. Just because this is the standard, though, doesn’t mean everyone follows it. So, make sure your future lawyer isn’t going to charge you to sit down with them or to act as your lawyer in your case. If they are upfront about this, just like their client reviews, you know they are more likely to treat you fairly and with respect. You can be more confident as well that they are making your case a priority, since they need to win your case to get paid.

If you get answers to these two questions, you’ll be able to cut down the number of names on your list. Once you have it to a reasonable number, you can make some calls and sit down with a few lawyers and find the one that really suits your needs.

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