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Homeless Individuals Suing New Hampshire

homeless person campThree homeless individuals are suing the state of New Hampshire after being told they can no longer maintain a camp in public woods in Concord. The camp, which was hidden from view in the trees behind Hazen Drive, held five homeless people who worked to keep the area clean and did not disturb nearby residents.

This comes after the city’s efforts to move its homeless population away from their old hotspots, such as the area behind Everett Arena and a clearing next to a stretch of train tracks. Concord has a homeless population of approximately 150 people who are running out of places to go.

The homeless people who are being evicted from the woods have hired an attorney to represent their interests. Their lawyer says that there should be somewhere for them to go, especially if they are not going to be allowed to live at their encampment, where they were not harming anyone.

The state has not commented on the lawsuit, but says it is making efforts to improve awareness of the services available to those in need. The homeless behind the lawsuit argue that they are being pushed further and further away from these services, making them increasingly difficult to gain access to.

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