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Punishments For Felonies

Punishments for every felony would depend on the severity of the crime, and sometimes on the number of offenses made by the culprit. The lowest of these punishments is the state jail felony, where the convict can have the penalties of:

  1. Imprisonment between a minimum of six (6) months and a maximum of two (2) years;
  2. A jail conviction which can be probated for 5 years at most;
  3. Imprisonment in the county jail from one (1) day to 12 months.

The third penalty can only be achieved via a special authority where the law permits a county imprisonment following a felony conviction. This can be a significant thing, and the reason why most lawyers opt for this conviction because then the convict can have a big chance for parole or lower time in jail.

As for the felonies that can put a person under these punishments, most are lighter offenses. The most common are:

  1. Property theft amounting between $1,500 and $20,000;
  2. Breaking in and stealing from a building;
  3. Driving under the influence, all while there are passengers who are 15 years old and below riding in the vehicle as well;
  4. Eluding being arrested, only if it is their first time;
  5. Drug possession amounting to less than one (1) gram.

One of the great disadvantages of the state jail felony is that despite having proper conduct while being incarcerated, you will have to serve that sentence without possibility of parole. People who are sent with a state jail felony are not given a no credit for good time – they are there to complete their sentences. This can be a bit harsh, as opposed to having county jail sentence. The reason alone can be enough basis on why a criminal lawyer would prefer to have their clients get a county jail sentence rather than a state jail felony sentence.

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding the right personal injury lawyer to represent you in court may be the key in getting the proper compensation in a very fast manner possible. There are a lot of lawyers out there who says they can help you, but not all of them are familiar with the ins and outs of personal injury law. This is why it is vital to find the right one, especially if you have been severely injured due to an accident or reckless behavior of another person or party.

If you have just recently encountered a serious injury due to another person’s fault, then you might get compensation by filing a personal injury claim. With so many lawyers out there, it might seem daunting to find the right one, so here are some tips on where and how you can find the best personal injury lawyer for your specific injury case:

  1. Bar associations – generally all lawyers become members of these organizations, and as such, they can provide you with lawyer’s credentials and curriculum vitae. These organizations can provide you with lawyers who specialize in personal injury law.
  2. Yellow pages – even with the fast access of the internet, yellow pages can still provide you with attorneys who specialize in personal injury laws.
  3. Inquire about them to your lawyer – whether you asked their help for writing a will or for real estate transactions, asking your lawyer on their recommendations can guarantee you have enough options for a personal injury lawyer. Ask your lawyer for at least 3 persons whom he trusts can help you with your dilemma.
  4. Internet – just about every bit of information can be found in the internet. Searching for personal injury lawyers in your area do not only give you their names, you can also find their backgrounds, other cases and even inquire them about your case.
  5. Ask around – it does not hurt to ask other people about different lawyers. Word of mouth is still a strong advertising medium for many legal firms, and asking about them can inform you about their services and how they handle their clients.

Looking for the right personal injury lawyer doesn’t need to be all that hard and confusing. Just knowing where to look for them is the first step in fighting for your right for fair compensation after an unjust accident.

Calculating Compensation for an Injury

Putting monetary worth on an injury can be difficult. There are many factors that can affect the total compensation a person can get after getting injured in an accident. When it comes to computing for the total amount of compensation, here are some things that need to be considered:

  1. Visit Our WebsiteDetermine who is at fault – whatever type of accident it is, knowing who is at fault can help in deciding how much compensation should be given.
  2. The degree of the injury – certain body parts cost more than others. Losing a thumb, for example, may require bigger compensation than losing a pinky finger, simply because the thumb is necessary for gripping. How the injury can affect you in the long –term is another thing to look into, as well as pre-existing existing injuries which can affect the compensation you can get.
  3. You age – being young can give you a bigger compensation, especially if the injury will affect your life in the long run. The need for surgeries, recovery time, how it can affect your daily activities, as well as whether you can come back your work or not can also be determining factors for compensation.
  4. Insurance of the other person involved – knowing if the other person, especially if they are the one at-fault for the accident, has insurance, helps in knowing how much compensation you will be given.
  5. Having the right lawyer – personal injury is a special field of the law. Different states also have different ways to process these claims, therefore it would be better to find a personal injury lawyer in your area who is proficient in this area of law.

Computations when it comes to personal injury claims differ from case to case, which is why it is always better to consult with a professional lawyer how specializes in this field of law and is well-experienced to represent your case in court.